You can save thousands of dollars on every home you build.


You can decrease your build times and get your homes on the market quicker.


You can utilize a cost-effective one time solution to use on every house you build.


Efficiency By Design will pay for itself every time you build a home. We can analyze your current home plans and make recommendations for each one on increasing your conversion rates and saving you money. There are several ways that you can benefit. Read the blog for tips on every area of the home building process. Get the ebook for a more organized and thorough examination. Buy our pdf worksheets to do your own unlimited analyses. Or save time and let us do all the dirty work for you.


Our blog has dozens of tips for saving you money in the home building process.
Get the pdfs!
These pdfs include the very same ones we use for analysis and cost effectiveness. You’ll also get the detail sheets in both 18×24 and 24×36 to include with your own plan sets. Buy once, use forever!
Get the full service!
Let Istockhouseplans do the full analysis for you!
You get:
– Professional analysis and optimization of your plans
– Cost effectiveness worksheet, filled out
– A detailed report explaining each item
– Framing details for on-site use
– Refined beam calcs to turn in for your permit
– Details in pdf to attach to your plans or use on-site
– Unlimited reuse per plan!
Free $295 $1/sf


 You can also request an on-site visit which includes training for your subs, portable built models for their convenient reference, and evaluation of current builds in progress. Free when you select the Full Service! We are local to the Portland Metro area but happy to discuss a visit to your jobsite elsewhere in Oregon.


“I appreciate the time Brian took to come on site and talk to us about saving materials. He showed us which headers to remove and where we could eliminate studs, as well as optimizing our floor system layout. All of this translates to time and money saved every time we build this plan.” – John, Green Planet Construction
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The full service may not be for every builder. If you only build a plan once or twice you may not see any real cost benefit. The savings come from multiple builds where the service is paid for one time and good for years and years. Even if you only build a plan 6 times per year over the next 5 years, you can save enough to purchase a couple of new vehicles! See how the numbers work out:
2500sf house
Savings potential of $2,500 to $3,000 or more per build
Built 6 times per year over the next 5 years = 30 times
$75,000 – $90,000 worth of savings – on one plan alone!


“Brian presented his idea to me and I thought it was great. Initial savings seem small until you realize how many times you will reuse his results. We’re going to be able to save tens of thousands of dollars on one plan alone!” – Mark, Harold Street Partners


Of course it is entirely possible that you have multiple plans that you build from. Even a smaller construction firm may have 8 or more plans that they regularly build. In this case the cost savings increases to between $600,000 to $720,000 and up over the same time span. How would you use that money to improve your business? Would you offer nicer amenities in your homes, give your employees bonuses, or speed up your retirement?


How big is your next subdivision? One hundred lots? Perhaps the houses are around 2200sf each. You can save $2200 to $2700 per house for a total of $220,000 to $270,000! Don’t let the house size keep us from helping you. We can run an analysis for a 900sf micro home or a 10,000sf dream home. Just remember, your savings come every time you build the plan and are good over the next several years.

Cute little housesWe worked with a builder who liked to do things “old-school”. He was not fond of change but was willing to listen to the dollars side of things. We made some simple revisions to his homes and were able to get him several thousand dollars in power utility incentives as well as some local media coverage. Just by implementing some simple material reduction measures, energy savings came naturally. There is more room for insulation which benefits the homeowner with lower utility bills. These are certainly auxiliary benefits that YOU can have too!



“There is a huge market for this service. I don’t know a single builder that incorporates all of it. Good job.” – Jim, Earth Bridge Homes


3232 wall 16ocA case study: Take for example a standard 2000sf home. In this case we drew out the typical framing of the right hand side wall. This wall shows 16″ o.c. framing with 4×12 headers everywhere and king-jack-cripple techniques on the windows. Cost of the lumber for this wall: $415.80 (Click to see in better detail)

3232 wall 24ocThen using our techniques and calculations we redrew a schematic for the wall showing our improvements. This wall shows typical 24″ o.c. framing with removed headers and split jack-cripple techniques on the windows. Cost of lumber: $339.65 (Click to see in better detail)

That’s over an 18% savings! The headers got calculated away; they were unnecessary. By using a split-cripple technique, more shorter pieces of wood were used. Continue this process through the rest of the walls, the interior walls, the floor systems and roof and you can save over $2000 on the plan, every time you build. As a positive side-effect, labor decreases and insulation increases!


Other builders have started using this service, saving money and building better homes. Their homes are on the market quicker meaning less time for interest to grow on a construction loan. They have less construction site waste and therefore pay less in dump fees. Which are you going to choose: to plug away with the familiar or embrace a better way of building? We want to help your business succeed!


Want to know how much you could save? Don’t wait. Let us give you a free estimate on savings today. Simply begin the conversation with an email or phone call.


Efficiency by Design is a service of Istockhouseplans LLC.